Books for MRCPsych CASC


Here are a selection of books I used in my CASC preparation.  If you know of any other good books please email me.

I thought this was the best one:
OSCEs in Psychiatry: Prepare for the New MRCPsych – Albert Michael

Some of the physical/cognitive examinations are covered best in this one, which are not covered in above:
MRCPsych Part I: Passing the OSCE – Justin Sauer and Colin O’Gara

These two books are written specifically for the new CASC exam.  I didn’t use them myself as they weren’t out when I was revising.
MRCPsych: passing the CASC Exam
– Justin Sauer
How to Pass the MRCPsych CASC – Andrew Iles, Rose Woodall Flavia Leslie

This one is more about tactics and is out of date
OSCEs in psychiatry – Ranga Rao

I was emailed recently (Feb 2011) to say that this book is excellent
Pass the Casc for the MRCPsych by Seshni Moodliar


This book:

MRCPsych Part 1: Pt.1: Preparation for OSCEs And this book MRCPsych: Preparation for the CASC both by Sree Prathap Mohana Murthy

Are apparently almost identical. I used the part 1 book. It was okay, but have some sections that are actually verbatim the same to those in the Albert Michael book.  Which came first?

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