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  1. I am an artist, poet, photographer who has lived experience of severe and life threatening depression. I have recently had a poetic narrative published called “The Journey Home” which traces my subconscious reframing of my distress through to the transformative place I find myself in now. My aim is to help those without lived experience to have insight into a person’s inner life as well as to help those struggling to embrace the message of hope liberally delivered within its pages. One person wrote recently: “This is going to go far and you will be helping so many along the way”. A psychiatrist reviewing it for the Royal College website has said it is a book that should be read by many doctors, nurses, carers and people in distress. I hope you might consider me for interview and a review on your site. Sincerely, Lorraine Nicholson

  2. Dear peoples, I have categorized an ailment called “Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome.” This effects peoples heart initially because the awareness of injustice hurts. The mind is drawn in to help remedy the condition and other body systems can also become involved. If a solution is not found the person will begin ailing is some way or another.

    Justice Enrichment Therapy, involves recognizing the benefit of doing something proactive to improve the world and dispel hopelessness at the same time.

    I am attempting to dis-empower the futility syndrome, apathy, a quick prescribing of anti-depressants and honor the person experiencing a “white out” with this program.

    I believe that fairness is one of the first codes for harmonious living we are taught and most people suffer from this syndrome in one way or another.

    I recently finished a 1 minute commercial and am now “ready” to present my concepts to the “general public” in a semi-professional manner IMO.

    Peace Now, PG Bruce

  3. I am from india .in my village i have a uy who read the mind and tell the fure past ,so they gran mom is a great beliver of god but i when i thought in scientific way i was able to find that he was mind readin so i thout u wuld be intrested in these kind of things so u can contat me for furthur information
    my no 9380656507

  4. Hello.
    I am Taylor Urban, and I stumbled upon your sight in search of an email address to a psychiatrist because I was looking for some answers to some questions. If you could help me out at all that would be wonderful. I need some questions answered for a college psychology class. I’m doing said project on bi polar disorder. If you could answer some questions I had that would be absolutely fabulous. I’ll list them below. Feel free to answer them, but it would be great to have them in the next few days answered to the best of your ability. Thanks so much.

    First of all:

    What is your name, and do you work for a certain agency?

    Do you do this in your free time?

    What sort of degree do you have?

    How would you describe bi-polar disorder?

    How do you treat bipolar disorder, if it is at all treatable?

    What is the most effective treatment according to research?

    What is the most effective treatment according to you?

    Is there a certain demographic/gender/race that is most affected by bi polar disorder?

    What are the certain treatments for bi polar disorder?

    Thanks so much if you could answer these. It would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Taylor Urban

  5. I have formulated a theory of emotional equilibrium that is proving to be something many have said is very easy to agree with, and it is that; depression is an inherent defense mechanism against emotional-physical exhaustion. I have been a researcher for nearly a quarter century and have formulated many theories that connect to make up an informal -grand theory of cognition. To get this theory to the next level and into the mainstream media has been a difficult thing for me to accomplish as it is that I have only a grade eight education with no university training or college degrees’ to support my claims.
    I did manage to conduct an informal study that lasted two years, and what I realized will astound and amaze even the seasoned neurobiologist.

    There appears to be something in the “language” of this theory that causes a person to recover from many forms of mental emotional illnesses like depression, anxiety, and bi-polar syndrome. The most amazing and profound element to this work is that subsequent to recovering from these alleged “mental illnesses” something completely disturbing occurs.

    Sings and symptoms that mimic a urinary tract infection (UTI) with no significant growth in culture becomes evident where there is frequent urination, a foul odor in the urine and pressure in the lower abdomen. It gets even better, after the signs and symptoms have ceased there is the feeling of well-being that lasts.

    I did record this, and have it documented and have the permission of the eight participants to disclose their real names. I am confidant the results can be-duplicated in clinical testing. The main problems I am having at present is; as I do not have any degrees’ nor am I an accredited writer (although I have written a book as an introduction into my work), is that of the absurd sounding of it. I realize only too well that it is this that is preventing me from being taken seriously by those whom can assist me in taking it to the next level.

    Can you help me please? There is “no” cure for depression because humans need the “ability” to depress whenever the mind and the body require it. I cannot help but to believe it is a simple matter of educating the public to the point where we can, understand, appreciate, and embrace the fact that we have such an amazing defense mechanism as depression.

  6. Is there anyone out there who can advise on my problem of waking in the morning with some nausea and severe depression? I have suffered with this for over 2 years now. I have been to endocrinologists, psychiatists, etc, have even tried TMS therapy. I have been prescribed Tapazole, Cytomel, Lugols solution, even though no doctor agreed I had any thyroid problem. The anti-depressants have made me feel even more suicidal. I am desperately seeking an answer and cure. Thank you.

  7. hi. i have depression, and i dont know what to do about it, i just feel super sad and i have lost interest in alot of things to..

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