in Psychiatry Bites

Psychiatry bites 17 June 2009

There a debate held by Intelligence Squared tonight Psychotherapy has done more harm than goodLord Layard and Jeffrey Masson were talking about it on Today this morning.  Both presented arguments lacking in nuance to my mind.  It’s sold out, but I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway as tickets were £25 (grumble, grumble acting to keep knowledge the preserve of privileged elites… – if anyone is going or downloads the mp3 from iTunes please let me know if it was any good)

This article The woman who hates food is interesting.  MeMe Roth President of the National Campaign Against Obesity appears to have an abnormal relationship with food.  Her parents used to be fat and on the day of the interview she’s not eaten anything and it’s 1530.  I’m not good at defence mechanisms – projection or projective identification?

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  1. Layard is a panglossian partisan for CBT. But Masson seemed to be dismissing CBT (and other therapy) in a rather off hand way. I think there is a critique of CBT and other therapies to be made, but it needs to be rather more subtle than that.