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Psychiatry Bites 3 March 2009

Sarah, who writes the Hard-to-swallow blog has asked me to mention the following report on the experience of patients with eating disorders:

Eating disorder charity b-eat kicked off this years Eating Disorders Awareness Week by publishing a report looking at how people affected by eating disorders are treated by their GPs. Out of the 1,500 people surveyed, only 15% felt that their GP understood eating disorders and knew how to help them.

The Mental Health Foundation’s website, covers the findings very well

You can also find more details on Sarah’s blog

(I’ve just realised that my usual psychiatry bites picture doesn’t sit very well with this item please forgive)


At the Wellcome Trust in London there’s an exhibition of the work of Bobby Baker Mental illness and me 1997-2008 which opens mid-March.  There are also a number of mental health themed talks. 

Bobby Baker’s website


Via the book Bedlam: London and its mad by Catherine Arnold I have discovered this rather super mental health history timeline by Andrew Roberts.  Mr Roberts has also written a history of the Lunacy Commission, which helped establish mental health leglisation during the 19th century, which by this own admission took him an impressive 31 years.

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