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Frontier Psychiatrist resources

Frontier Psychiatrist Google library – here you will be able to find details of the books mentioned in posts. If you do fancy buying any please consider using a link on the post as then I will get a small percentage of the purchase price.

Professional Organisations

Royal College of Psychiatrists

UK Council for Psychotherapy

MRCPsych Resources

Trick Cyclists – an excellent site with exam advice, revision notes, and multiple choice questions

Royal College of Psychiatrists examinations page

SuperEgo CafeMRCPsych page – this site used to have past papers you could download, but no longer alas. The forum can be useful, but the standard of grammar abominable (if you care about these things…). There is information about Superego Cafe courses and also a very half-hearted blog

Academic resources

Psychiatry online – a mishmash of psychiatry resources. Some of the item are very good, but there appears to be no attempt at structure or mission statement. The essay on Psychiatry and the Cinema is quite comprehensive and interesting.

The Psychiatry Zone – not updated since 2003, this reads like a rather chaotic textbook. The articles don’t appear to be referenced, which is annoying, but there is a lot of information available.

Simply Psychiatry – written by a UK psychiatry registrar. Not bad for brief revision notes and OSCE scenarios. He’s also included a section which has recipes and another on ways to spend your time when not revising!


BMJ – a general journal covering all of medicine. Free!

Google Scholar – a very easy to use search engine for academic papers. Unfortunately most of the time it takes you to Pubmed reference from which you can get no further without a subscription…

Online books

Royal college seminar series. Some of these are available online for free

Seminars homepage

Seminars in Basic Neurosciences; Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (first edition); Seminars in Old Age Psychiatry; Seminars in Practical Forensic Psychiatry; Seminars in Psychiatric Genetics


Lake Cocytus – a psychiatrist blogging under the pseudonym ‘The Shrink’

NHS Blog Doctor – An extremely prolific blogger who posts under pseudonym ‘Dr Crippen who writes about ‘The trials and tribulations, the pleasures and pitfalls of family medicine in the modern British National Health Service’.

Trick cycling for beginners – a award winning blog from a trainee psychiatrist who also suffers from bipolar affective disorder

Societies and Support Groups

Mind – the National Association for Mental Health


The Bethlem Hospital Archives / Art Gallery

Anti Psychiatry

The Antipsychiatry coalition‘a nonprofit volunteer group consisting of people who feel we have been harmed by psychiatry’

Citizens Commission on Human Rights – a Scientologist organisation which campaigns against psychiatry

Professional doubt

The Critical Psychiatry Network – An organisation of psychiatrists critical of current psychiatric practice

Rufus May – I don’t agree with quite a lot of what he says, but his resource page is very interesting

Resources for mental health workers


PsychCentral – ‘the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network’

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