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Psychiatry Podcasts

I’m revising for MRCpsych papers 1 and 2 this week and have been listening to the psychiatry podcasts that are available online.

The best is the British Journal of Psychiatry podcast available from the Royal College of psychiatry website.  TV doctor Raj Persaud is the host and discusses papers in the most recent journal with their authors.  There are two podcasts available – one is for the ‘public’ and the other a longer CPD version.  The discussion is usually rather matey (about 50% of the authors work at the IoP and would be known to Dr Persaud), but Dr Persaud does often put his guests on the spot by challenging them with possible alternative interpretations for their results.  Highly recommended.

The American Journal of Psychiatry also provides a lacklustre podcast or, as they call it, ‘audio digest‘.  I have never managed to get through an entire episode as its format involves a monotonic American reading out an abbreviated AJP papers.  Unlike the BJP there is no illuminating discussion.  The Mindhacks blog describes it as being ‘like an excessively thorough lecture given by a voice synthesiser’, which is a nice summary.

Also featuring Dr Persaud, but aimed at the general public is the BBC’s ‘All in the Mind‘.  This has more of a magazine format, but is often very interesting, and does not shy away from controversial topics.  All the episodes from the series broadcast since 2005 are available to ‘listen again’. on the BBC’s All in the Mind webpage.

The Institute of Psychiatry also offers podcasts.  Their website says that they wish to put online all the public lectures and debates at the institute.  These are a mixed bag, but included in amongst them are recordings of Maudsley debates going back some time as well as lectures on a wide variety of other topics.  A sort of lucky dip by the looks of things…

Bad Science blogger Ben Goldacre has started podcasting.  It’s a fledgling initiative, judging by there only being one download available, but it’s pretty interesting, and I hope adds more soon.

The ‘My Three Shrinks’ podcast is by blogger ‘Shrink Rap‘ and friends.  I’ve not listened to this yet, but it looks informal and interesting.  There are 42 downloads available

Another podcast I’ve not yet listened to are psychiatry podcasts by the Peerview Press.  Here’s a link to their stuff on

If you are aware of any worthy psychiatry podcasts not on this list, please let me know.

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  1. Very interesting website, really informative and I’ll be checking it regularly from now on.