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This shames us all

I would normally shy away from committing to print any feelings I may have on the Israeli-Palestine conflict, as feelings run high and the issue is thorny. But today the death toll is reported to exceed 1000 and the UN relief headquarters has been bombed (described by British PM Gordon Brown as ‘indefensible’).

Also today Physicians for Human Rights Israel held a press conference ‘raising heavy suspicion of grave violations of international humanitarian law by military forces’

On January 9th this letter was published in the Lancet which finishes:

This report is for our colleagues around the world who might be unaware of the deliberate erosion of human rights in both the West Bank and Gaza. We suggest that, in view of the failure of other measures to influence those in power, serious consideration be given to targeted academic and trade boycotts.

While this blogger reports that medics and ambulances are fired upon.

This shames us all – please note and distribute widely.

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  1. I despair of a solution to the Middle East ever being found, although maybe some hope is given by the situation on Northern Ireland. It would be quicker and simpler to bulldoze the lot into the Mediterranean or wipe all their memories, but I can see problems getting that past the ethics committee.

  2. the palestinians elected hamas, whose stated goal is the destruction of israel. they proceeded to rain rockets on israeli civilians. they are getting exactly what they asked for – and deserve. you are what is called an enabler.